Dry Bath Incubator DKT200-1

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Dry Bath Incubator DKT200-1

Product Numbers: DKT200-1

Product description: DKT200-1 Dry bath incubator is a microprocessor-controlled device, high precision of temperature control, sample preparation parallelism, as an alternative to the traditional water bath device. It can be widely used in various samples of the cultivation, preservation and reaction. Application of industry includes the pharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, environment, quality inspection.

Product features


1. LCD display. Cool and compact designed appearance.

2. Fast heating speed, uniform heating, accurate temperature control, high stability, low energy consumption and no noise.

3. Built in temperature calibration function, automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.

4. Built in over-temperature protection device, safe and reliable, enhance the service life of the machine.

5. Product designed compact and tight, occupied little space, free and easy.

6. Various blocks for convenient replacement, easy for cleaning and disinfection.

Product technical parameters





DKT200-1 DKT200-2 DKT200-4
Temperature Control Range R.T.+5°C – 150°C R.T.+5°C – 120°C
Heating Time ≤ 30min (20°C to 150°C) ≤ 30min (20°C to120°C)
Temperature Control [email protected]~150°C ≤ ±1°C
Temperature Control Accuracy @40~100°C ≤ ±0.5°C
Block Temp [email protected]°C 0.3°C
Block Temperature Uniformity ≤ ±0.5°C
Display Accuracy 0.1°C
Timing Range 99h59min
Maximum Temperature 150°C 120°C
Maximum Power 200W 400W 600W
Dimension (mm) 230x220x95 260x220x95 360x220x95
Block Selection Refer to “Exchangeable blocks for DKT series”



Exchangeable blocks for DKT series

Type Parameter Capacity Dimension (mm)
DT01 6mm 42 95.5X76.5X50
DT02 7mm 42 95.5X76.5X50
DT03 10mm 20 95.5X76.5X50
DT04 12mm 20 95.5X76.5X50
DT05 13mm 20 95.5X76.5X50
DT06 15mm 12 95.5X76.5X50
DT07 16mm 12 95.5X76.5X50
DT08 19mm 12 95.5X76.5X50
DT09 20mm 6 95.5X76.5X50
DT10 26mm 6 95.5X76.5X50
DT11 28mm 4 95.5X76.5X50
DT12 40mm 2 95.5X76.5X50
DT13 0.5mL 42 95.5X76.5X50
DT14 1.5mL 24 95.5X76.5X50
DT15 2.0mL 24 95.5X76.5X50
DT16 0.2mL 48 95.5X76.5X50
DT17 0.2mL 96 78X114X26
DT18 Plate(no holes) 96 micro-plate 81X123X19
DT19 Customized Customized Customized


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