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These UNITEL series of EMV vibrating conveyors are used with bulk goods and are usually placed under silos or hoppers. There are no rotating or moving parts, and the trough used to for transporting or conveying the goods could be manufactured in stainless steel of carbon steel. It could also take special shapes such as tray-like, tubes or other special designs. They are quiet and virtually maintenance-free.


An electromagnetic actuator imparts kinetic energy to the conveyor trough in the direction shown in the diagram. Movement of the particles is achieved through a series of ballistic micro-jumps; therefore electronic control of the frequency and amplitude will optimize the transport rate of the vibrator.

The power applied to the electromagnetic actuator is electronically controlled to match the characteristics of the transported goods and provide an infinitely variable flow rate adjustment.


EMV Electromagnetic Conveyors are ideal for moving bulk materials in the cereal, snack, confectionery, vegetable, fruit, poultry, potato, dairy, bakery, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries.

They are mainly used for feeding machines such as vertical form fill and seal or flow wrap machines, or feeding bulk conveyors, elevators or similar conveyors. They can be made to operate in continuous mode or intermittently under the control of a dozer.

They are not recommended for very sensitive items where fragile products could be damaged or chipped, or with pre-mixed product where the blended components may separate, and with products with surface coatings and flavors which could separate and shake off

for more information : http://unitelegypt.com/index.php/en/products/vibrating-conveyors/vem

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