Fully automatic hydraulic press/wool/waste paper board press machine


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Supply power: 380 (V)

Packing speed: 6-10

Packing machine volume: 400*600*800

Weight: 70kg

Packing PP band width: 20 (mm)

Main waste paper packaging, straw baling, hydraulic press charter, mineral spring water bottle packer, car interior trim, scrap wood, automatic bundling, semi-automatic bundling machine; Can be customized according to customer request various hydraulic/various kinds of specifications, packaging machinery, hydraulic waste paper packer, greatly satisfy the yield value, waste paper recycling need waste paper packer can quickly categorize waste paper and other kinds of loose items packaging, facilitate subsequent operations to open.

The waste paper packing machine is specially used for packing paper, paper shell, waste plastic, beverage bottle, automobile interior trim, carton, straw, straw, scrap wood etc. The hydraulic waste paper is used to press the control of the PIC system automatic feeding, automatic packaging, automatic binding. The overall structure of the automatic hydraulic baling machine combines high yield and low power consumption.

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