Grass – grass – cutter, small household – cutter


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Types: nine zp – 3.0

Main engine power: 2200 (w)

Weight: 120 (kg)

Type: ceder

Applicable animal types: poultry, livestock, etc

Feed type: straw, green feed

Processing power: 1.5-2 (tons/hour)

This machine mainly has feeding mechanism, such as shredded throwing mechanism, power drive clutch mechanism and frame, walking and protective equipment, etc., which are composed of steel frame, small size, light weight and convenient movement. Design insurance device, eliminate the knife accident, the whole machine is safe and reliable.
Adopting the advanced feeding mechanism, it has the special feeding roller device, automatic feeding, the chain without the grass, the grass is easy to feed, the productivity is high. Smoothly.
Design insurance device, eliminate the knife accident, the whole machine is safe and reliable.
To form a complete set of motor as a driving force, will be passed to the main shaft, shaft gear by gear box and universal joint at the other end of the pass through speed regulation power to pressure grass bin, when the materials for processing into the upper and lower pressure between grass bin, crushed tsao kun clamping and cut into Zha institutions at a certain speed, approved by high speed rotating cutter cut up after the throw outside of the grass.
Ensilage machine scope of application: used in Zha cutting all kinds of dry, green corn stover, wheat straw, rice straw, alfalfa, tobacco, peanuts, sweet potato plants, cotton stalks, thorns, tree bark, etc all kinds of crops straw and forage grass medicinal materials, etc. The processed materials are suitable for cattle, sheep, deer and horses, and can also be used in straw power generation, artificial board and other industries.

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