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Machine: Manual Electric Screw Capping Machine

Model specification: RG-II type Electric Capping Machine
Main uses: mainly used for a variety of cap screwing and unscrewing

Technical parameters: cover range: 5-30mm30-90mm
Capping speed: about 30 bottles per minute
Host net weight: 0.6kg/1.1kg
Air pressure: greater than 4.5kg/cm2, less than 6.2kg/cm2
Gas consumption: 0.08m3/min
Quick connector: 1/4 inch
Clutch: adjustable; cover range: 5-30mm30-90mm


Principle and characteristics:

The portable electric Capping machine is easy to carry and can be used for tightening or rotating.
Loose all kinds of bottle cap. The adjustable clutch can effectively avoid cap damage and reduce the wear of the piston. Once the cap is tightened, the chuck will automatically stop rotating, that you can move on to the next bottle. If you buy at the same time support, can be turned on the light, clean and tidy. The machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity and ensure the quality of the cap.
The machine comprises a host, aluminum cover rotary head and buffer plug.

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