HYB Hybrid Conveyors


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The heavy duty sheet metal construction offers a rigid and stable chassis thus ensuring stability, strength and a prolonged belt life under heavy loads.

With this type of conveyors it is possible to have a hybrid slider-bed thus mixing slider bed and rollers in any configuration..

HYB Conveyors can use synthetic resin belts (PVC, PU, Grip face, etc…) or rubber belts of the plain type or with chevrons.

Also they can have a center-drive unit including the belt tensioning pulley, which could be positioned anywhere along the conveyor length.

These conveyors can also have a 45 degree merge or diverge unit attached to them.
HYB Hybrid Conveyors


The side channels have precision punched holes and slots that offer a flexible scheme for placing the supporting rollers, and permit the attachment of many accessories, such as side tables, skirts, brackets, guides, etc…

The supporting rollers’ pitch could be changed to suit the material being transported.

The drive pulley is driven by integral reducers, either shaft mounted or sprocket driven. The drive unit could be also of the center-drive type with its integral belt tensioning system.


HYB conveyors are used extensively in warehouses, airports , and general conveyance of medium to heavy loads ( up to 300 Kg/m) over relatively long distances.

They typically move unit goods such as cartons, crates, tires, sacks, and travel bags etc…and can be mounted on several types of special units for re-routing applications.

HYB conveyors can be floor mounted, suspended from ceilings using hangers, or wall mounted using brackets

for more information : http://unitelegypt.com/index.php/en/products/belt-conveyors/hyb

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