Laser Engraving Machine for Gravure Cylinder Making


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HJ-JGJ Laser engraving machine is used in the packaging of plastic, paper, room decoration, textiles, wood, cigarette packet, leather. Its engraving system is controlled by industrial PC, PLC, SBC and the combination of hardware & software. The advantages are simple structure, stable running, and high precision.

Performance features:
1. High engraving speed, Frequency 2M×2=4M, Resolution 5080dⅫ=1000L
2. The laser machine has long life, basically consumable free.
3. The imposition system in accordance with the electric engraving,Arbitrarily net order edit synthesis,Seamlessly carving
4. 256 class ashes the degree can be engraved. And same as electric engraving resolution,The electric engraving in general use curve of vulture to edit
5. The whole foundry, high-accuracy lathe bed, high- accuracy linear guide, ball screw and inlaying steel guide
6. Simple and concise and easy to maintain software and electronic system, once can engrave various crafts.
7. The engraving data information that roller page Converted is overall. File shrinkage can be performed.
8. Partly complementary engrave, makes work more perfectly.
9. For different types of line and level of node editor and outlet Angle editor

Cylinder length range: 400-3000mm
Cylinder diameter range: 90-600mm


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