Precision Hydraulic Press

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Precision Four-column three-leaf lard press
* This type of design uses three-plate four-post open-space, four-post guided precision straight sets with a smooth high which may be suitable for processing different products, its height and the size of the work area, customers can request the actual production;
* Taiwan’s choice of a hydraulic power system of high pressure pump, a hydraulic circuit specially designed to reduce standby electricity consumption, to achieve energy, stable performance, at the end of noise, the horsepower requirements of small efforts, speed, travel can be adjusted, but also customer requirements may change the circuit design, to achieve the purpose of work;
* Hydraulic power system as a standard built-in ease of maintenance, maintenance, and optional water cooler, hydraulic oil temperature slowly, and failure less efficient operation of production can be a long time, long life;
* Pick-up in height by a hydraulic cylinder positioning and with the trip switch tanks (refer to the right adjustable stroke cylinder) and the adjustment nut in the timer circuit, depending on the work of an appropriate adjustment, can play a very high efficiency;
* Security design comprehensive, hands to operate, with an emergency button and move up and down mode inch to facilitate the installation and calibration tool; customers can specify the installation of hand-care God (photoelectric safety protective device);
* Desktop casters are equipped with seat bottom can be a light mobile machines, labor-saving and efficient;
* Can also increase the heat dies down and the temperature control box (for the production of hot-pressing trademark, brand, etc.);
* Products and efforts have a choice of 1-50T;
Optional installation of:
Additional buffer stage machine can be expected back cylinder or cylinder;
Back to table an additional automatic turntable;
Automatic feeding device or retire;
Clamping cylinder device;
The body can be attached slider guide plate can also be designated to accept manufacturers.

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