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QRC Curved Gravity Roller Conveyors


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The QRC Curved Roller Conveyors are members of the RLG family of gravity roller conveyors. They integrate seamlessly with other members of the RLG family thus offering the ability to easily change directions of conveyor lines by 90 degrees , 60, 45 and 30 degrees.
QRC Curved Gravity Roller Conveyors


Due to their design characteristics, items entering the conveyor effectively rotate around the center point of the conveyor and emerge with their axis aligned to the direction of travel.

The conveyor width is a function of the length and width of the conveyed part. To select a suitable width, refer to the chart entitled “Curved Conveyors”.
QRC Curved Gravity Roller Conveyors


QRC Conveyors allow bends in straight sections of conveyor lines.

They can be used with gravity roller conveyors or between sections of belt conveyors. In this application, motion along the curved path depends on the inertia of the conveyed item, and the slope of the conveyor

for more information : http://unitelegypt.com/index.php/en/products/gravity-roller-conveyors/qrc

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