QTF12-15 full automatic brick making machine block machine price

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1.QTF12-15 full automatic brick making machine block machine price

1)Absorb Germany technology

2) with the best brand Motor, PLC ,Competitive price

3) the automatic concrete block making machine with CE standard

4)can produce many kinds of fly ash brick,hollow block,solid bricks,paver blocks,cuberstone just change the moulds.

2.Automatic concrete block making machine ,fly ash brick machine advange

1) automatic concrete block making machine is controlled by PLC and fitted with remote control device.for PLC control system ,we usually use Japan Mitsubishi or Taiwan Brand .

2 ) Automatic concrete block making machine electricity motor for host machine we use Europe CE standard parts

3)The Automatic concrete block making machinee switches ,we will use France Schneider or China CHNT

4)Rakes in several rows make sure raw materials fed well-distributed.

5) Hydraulic components we use Taiwan  famous brands.

6) The demoulding synchronizer avoids the damage to concrete products.

7) The vibration system contain two part ,one is up-moild vibration box ,it is electricity motor to supply the power for up-mould vibration box. And the down mould ,there have one big vobration .when the scatter material work finish ,the hydraulic power with the two vibration power will assure the good quality for product

8)The mould is processed with carburizing,nitriding, wolfram carbide and quenching which ensures its strength reach to 55~62 HRC and can be used more than 100 thousand times.

3.Theoretical production capacity


No Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hour Pcs/Shift
1 400x200x200mm 12 2160 17280
2 400x100x200mm 24 4320 34560
3 400x150x200mm 16 2880 23040
4 230x110x70mm 50 9000 54000
5 200x100x60 42 7500 60000
6 200x163x60 24 4300 34000
4.Main technical parameter
1 Dimension of host machine 4500x2300x2930 6 Host machine power 66kw
2 Weight of host machine 15T 7 Vibration force 100KN
3 Molding area 1350×880 8 Mixer model JS750/JS1000
4 Water consumption 12-15Ton/day 9 Pallet size 1420x900x35mm
5 workshop area 300m2 10 Voltage 380/415/440



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