QTZ100(TC6510C) Topkit tower crane Max load 6t or 8t Maxjib length 65m

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QTZ100(TC6510C) Topkit tower crane
1.Jib length 2.5-65m
2.Maxload 6t/ 8t
3.Tip load 1.0t
4.Freedstand height 40.5(46)m
5.Maximum installation height:220m
6.Mast section:1.80×1.80×2.80m
7.Installation:  Jack-Up
8.Moving Type:  Fixed
9.Certification:  ISO9001
Technical Charactrisics
1.According to customers’ requirement,you can choose common or frequency tower crane
1.Hoisting mechanism: Three-speed motor, steady speed, rational performance light load high speed, heavey load intermediate speed, non-load low speed
2. Slewing mechanism: Planet gear speed reducer, fluid coupling with slewing brake device, steady start, accurately position, compact structure.
3. Trolley mechanism: Planet gear speed, two-speed motor/ frequency  driving, high efficency.
4. Moment limiter: Outside adjustable, easy adjust and safe
5. Cabin: Developed on the basis of the human engineering principle, linkage control desk
6. Full set of safety protection equipments: Weight limiter, moment limiter, luffing limiter, height limitater, and slewing limiter, trolley rope-off protection, trolley spindle-break protection, pulley anti-skipping rope devices, make the tower crane flexible and reliable.


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