RLA Live Roller Accumulation Conveyors


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The specially designed sheet metal construction offers a rigid and stable chassis thus ensuring stability, strength and a prolonged belt life under heavy loads.

The transport system of this conveyor is made of rollers which are tangentially driven by a belt conveyor running along the whole length of the conveyor.
The belt material and precision design execution assures a uniform pressure on all live rollers thus gently transporting the cartons or totes. When accumulation starts the rollers will stop rotating and pressure on the cartons is minimized. RLA Live Roller Accumulation Conveyors


The side channels have 2 levels of precision punched holes and slots that offer a flexible scheme for placing the supporting rollers, and permit the attachment of many accessories, such as side tables, skirts, brackets, guides, etc…

The supporting rollers’ pitch could be changed to suit the dimensions of totes and boxes being transported.

The drive belt is driven by a pulley through an integral reducer and its support rollers optimize the tangential forces between the belt and the driven rollers.
RLA Live Roller Accumulation Conveyors


RLA conveyors are used extensively in food industries, production facilities, assembly lines, and general conveyance of light to medium loads where boxes experience a degree of accumulation over relatively long distances.

They typically move unit goods such as cartons, crates, and tote boxes.

for more information : http://unitelegypt.com/index.php/en/products/live-roller-conveyors/rla

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