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Supports for Slat Conveyors :

These are special purpose supports suitable for the SCS and SCC family of slat conveyors

Medium Duty Floor Supports SGL :

These supports are used for light to medium loads and are used with gravity roller conveyors of the RLG family, belt conveyors of the HSC, LSC, and live rollers RLS, RLA and QRS They can also be used with HBR, HYB heavy duty roller bed conveyors.

Heavy Duty Floor Supports SHS :

Casters for Floor Supports :

These optional Casters can be mounted on SGL supports for mobility.

The caster wheel diameter is large enough to be used with irregular floors. For light to medium loads a 100 mm diameter caster wheel is used. For mobile HBR conveyors a special heavy duty wheel 160 mm. in diameter is used.

Ceiling Hangers SCH :

Ceiling hangers are used with steel or concrete ceilings to suspend conveyors. These are custom designed for each application and ceiling conditions.

Wall Brackets SWH & SWL :

Wall brackets are cantilevers that support all types of conveyors, and can be fixed on solid walls, concrete pillars, or columns of portal frames in steel structures.

Special Support :

Special custom designed supports are designed to meet special conditions that cannot be met by our standard array of supports.

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