Zoomlion Tower Crane/Construction Hoisting Machinery

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1 Hoisting Mechanism
Three-gear speed modulation by electrical motor or frequency conversion, giant winch.
2 Rotation Mechanism
Speed modulation with frequency conversion, stable break, accurate position, outstanding on performance and operation all around the world.
3 Luffing Mechanism
Speed modulation with frequency conversion, less concussion, stable operation.
4 Control System
PLC control, auto diagnosis on electric malfunction, corresponding alarm on light and sound, key components adopting international top brand product.
5 Security & Protection Mechanism
Besides security mechanism usually used in domestic tower crane adopted, Zoomlion tower crane adopted lots of advanced mechanism self-developed by Zoomlion, to keep the security of the tower crane and convenient operation, such as unique double tighten mechanism on luffing steel cable, anti-break mechanism on sliding vehicle, anti-drop mechanism on standard section, speedy link between rotary body, hoisting boom and balance boom.


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